Packaging concept Natureline® by Exact

The Remscheid-based precision tool manufacturer Exact has won the special Environmental Award in gold at this year’s POPAI D-A-CH Award 2020 for its innovative, completely plastic-free packaging concept Natureline® by Exact.

A prize of the association POPAI (Point of Purchase Advertising International) which is conferred in various categories is generally only awarded to the most persuasive marketing campaigns at the point of sell (PoS). Exact partner regarding the development of a sustainable packaging concept is a young start-up company which was also responsible for submitting and presenting the concept to the judges. The packaging concept Natureline® by Exact has been specially developed for the tool industry and is based on secondary regrowing raw materials. The main target is to replace one hundred percent of the current product and logistics packaging made of plastic, polystyrene or foam material with pulp. As its basis consists of one hundred percent waste-paper and natural materials such as industrial hemp or similar natural fibres, it can be completely recycled, composted or reused in a natural way.

Establishing a “zero waste” cycle will sustainably relive the environment in the long term and will also help the specialised trade to operate cost-efficiently in the market in future, because potential burdens due to possible CO2 taxes as well as increased levies for the use of plastic packaging can thus be eliminated.

Presentation of the concept

Natureline® by Exact had been planned to be presented to public and discussed with customers at this year’s hardware fair. The intention was that the public reaction and response would be proved in Cologne as well as partners and multipliers would be asked for pursuing new ideas regarding the comprehensive approach, the overall concept. It was particularly important to ask whether the market would accept a concept that could become more expensive due to the ecological requirements. As a consequence of the cancellation of the hardware fair, the packaging concept is currently being presented in direct contact with customers.

Positive response

For Mr Oemkes, managing director of Exact, the largely positive feedback given as well as the Environmental Award-winning underlines the rightness of having been embarked upon new projects. “It is obvious to anyone who sees the plastic garbage patch in the waters of the world oceans that we can’t keep going on like that. We, as an innovative tool manufacturer, recognize our accountability to be willing to contribute sustainably in order to actively protect the environment”. However, the decision to develop a packaging system which is totally plastic-free is also based on very clear business management considerations. “The automotive industry and the discussion around electric vehicles are making it clear”, as the managing director reports, “that we cannot wait to see developments, but have to be at the forefront of them. Our future purchase decisions will be strongly influenced by environmentally sustainable solutions and ecology will play a core role in this regard, that is what many market research analysts say. And if we want to be as successful as we are as a company today, we need to revise our opinions and consistently rethink our strategies as well as be prepared for new approaches, be willing to follow new paths.

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