Patented comfort-shaft for improved torque transmission

no slippage in the chuck drill

ROTASTOP® chucks itself automatically

optimal torque transmission

high-applicable product results

easy tool changing

ROTASTOP® – The power of the special shape

The shape of ROTASTOP® guarantees the achievement of improved levels of torque transmission. Due to its rising contour, ROTASTOP® practically chucks itself automatically.

Which is the performance result:
No slippage in the drill chuck. Precise results in metalworking.

ROTASTOP® enables an easy tool changing and allows for a long service life of the tools.

3-surface shaft

Resulting from the flattened ends of the shaft, only 30 per cent of its shape allow a good torque transmission

Which is the performance result:

The shaft is preventing slipping inside the chuck. The result performed is not the optimum one.

The tool change is very time consuming when maximal fixation is achieved.


Cylinder shaft:
More minimum is not possible: 0% of the shaft shape is able providing surfaces which should allow the fixing in the chuck. That makes it impossible to attain an optimum of torque transmission.

Which is the performance result::
The shaft tends to provide slippage in the chuck. This regards especially thosetools which have a smaller shaft diameter than the real working area (such as hole caters, step drills or countersinks)