Twist Drill “Assembly kit”

The high performance twist drill type UNI was especially designed for mobile usage and to achieve perfect drill results up to a material thickness of Ø 5,0 mm

High Performance Twist drill

For mobile usage

24-pieces Twist drill kit
DIN 338  I  TYP UNI  I  Performance: HSS-G
Ø 1 – 10,5 mm x 0,5 mm increasing
+ Size of cored hole for thread cutting Ø 3,3 I 4,2 I 6,8 I 10,2 mm


The three-surface shaft ensures an outstanding fixation within its drill chuck with low effort. Besides, the shaft ensures an optimal power transmission and prevents any spinning of the drill.
135º High performance cutting edge ensures a precise centering accuracy, especially by hand-held applications with battery- drill driver. The cutting edge prevents any cam-out when drilling into curved surfaces.
The operating life of the battery will increase by reducing the cutting forces.
The black chamfer increases resistance to wear and prevents any galling and fitting of cutting.
The 40º helix angle enables a perfect and fast chip removal and ensures high cutting speeds with increased stability and accuracy.

With three-surface shaft

incl. Core hole drill

With special grinding