ADVANCEDLine®by Exact – Advantage through Innovation

With the newly developed and performance-optimised ADVANCEDLine® by product range, we are once again significantly expanding our existing spectrum of high-quality precision tools.

ADVANCEDLine® by Exact Produkte products are based on a – partly revolutionary – technical further development of existing tool concepts as well as innovative manufacturing processes in our company.

more performance

higher productivity

Less time needed

reduced costs

ADVANCEDLine® – Countersink

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ADVANCEDLine® by Exact countersinks achieve up to 50 % longer tool life due to their new, harmonious cutting geometry and enable a countersinking process that is up to 25 % faster. Extremely high concentricity with noticeably reduced effort are further performance features of this new countersink generation.

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ADVANCEDLine® – Step drill

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Step drill

ADVANCEDLine® by Exact step drills have four spiral flutes that virtually “revolutionise” the entire drilling process. Lower transverse forces and low wear due to the force distribution on four instead of two cutting edges ensure significantly improved drilling behaviour and reduce the time required by up to 30 % compared to standard products.

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ADVANCEDLine® – Twist drill

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Twist drill

The new ADVANCEDLine® twist drill with STEP TECHNOLOGY has an innovative step cut with 118° point angle and revolutionises the entire drilling process. It is significantly faster and more precise than standard drills with significantly reduced effort thanks to its 3-face shank.

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Combination Tap

The new ADVANCEDLINE® SGE-BIT® enables non-problem drilling, thread cutting and deburring in just 1 operation and is also particularly battery-friendly due to its power consumption.

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