ADVANCEDLine® by Exact – The step drill innovation

The 4 spiral-shaped flutes are revolutionising the whole drilling process and improve the drilling performance sustainably, due to significantly reduced lateral forces and much lower level of wear, as a result of the optimized force distribution to 4 instead of two cutting edges.

In addition, the new developed “Turbo Tip” is providing a drilling performance which is greatly simplified, while remaining extremely smooth during the overall drilling process.

 Higher performance

 Greater productivity

 Less time-consuming

 More cost-reduction

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NEW: ADVANCEDLine® step drill

Among other technical and optical features of ADVANCEDLine® by Exact step drills, the „Turbo-Tip“ drill bit is highlighted as being an important and new developed element which enables a greatly improved centering and tapping.

Particularly advantageous aspects during usage will prove the additional taper tap and reamer which improve the cutting force per cutting edge and extend the tool life, while at the same time reducing „chattering“of the drill body.

Overall, significantly higher cutting speeds are possible and considerably improved and achieved in the areas of burr formation, roundness and distortion.


up to 30% faster drilling
up to 50% longer service lives
optimum centering and drilling performance
extremely smooth operation

Ø 4-12 mm

Ø 4-20 mm

Ø 6-30 mm

Ø 4-12 / 4-20 / 6-30 mm

Types of coating available

High-Speed-Steel – for drilling boreholes into well- processed materials with strength of up to 900 N/mm²

High-Speed-Steel – with 5% content of cobalt – for drilling boreholes into difficult processing materials with strength of up to 1100 N/mm²

Titanium-nitride coating – high hardness – low coefficient of friction – extended service life

Titanium-aluminium-nitride coating – for dry cutting – a ceramic surface provides the friction minimization – optimum service lives – highest cutting speed rates

Sets Countersinks in a new multifunctional packaging available

Innovative packaging design


Including magnetic lock


Including Technical Product Information


Including Application Video


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