NATURELINE® by Exact is a new innovative packaging concept which has been specially developed to comply with current tool industry standards.

Based on secondary fast-growing raw materials, our new packaging shows our commitment to continuous improvement, focusing on the sustainability of our services and products.

Our objective is to replace current common plastic packaging systems by a new packaging line, based on one hundred per cent natural raw materials. Our “Natureline” packaging can be completely recovered, composted and recycled very easily. In addition, new multifunctional usage concepts will contribute to further minimizing the volume of packaging material as well as reducing packing costs over time.


It is time for change. Otherwise, time will change us.


NATURELINE® by Exact: Packing naturally and economically

In response to your requests, we are designing sustainable, plastic-free and environmentally friendly packaging and transport solutions tailor made to your requirements –

  • for the purpose of replacing the many forms of packaging used in your production and logistic services, as well as for plastic, polystyrene and foam materials as you feel is necessary or appropriate.
  • NATURELINE® packaging units consist of secondary raw materials which are fast-growing and can be fully recycled or recovered.
  • By using our new products, we can provide you with the opportunity for implementing a competitive “zero waste” technology in your production processes. This will enable you to attain a production cycle containing practically “zero” rates of waste materials.
  • Remember that you already have to consider the additional costs arising due to carbon tax, as well as the increasing number of charges being made to limit plastic packaging, if no alternative solutions exist.
  • Remember that you must decide now to choose the plastic-free solutions by EXACT, in order to be prepared for the ban on single-use plastic which is soon to be imposed.
  • Remember that you must avoid using polluting plastic for your packaging and secure your sustainable plastic-free future by choosing our environmentally safe solutions.


Regarded as one of the most environmentally friendly and safe materials, moulded pulp will be able to secure a sustainable package cycle

The production of moulded pulp is based on using one hundred per cent recycled paper plus natural materials, such as industrial hemp or similar natural fibres, and is recoverable, recyclable and compostable in a fully natural way.

Moulded pulp today already offers advanced and in part superior properties compared to plastics. The product is very good value, due to the fact that the basic raw material is less expensive than plastic. Moulded pulp is also extremely tough, gives the best product protection and provides volume reduction and shock-absorbing. It can be given the ability to repel grease or water and can be used without problems in worldwide transport logistics.


The raw materials, used by our company, are based one hundred per cent on recycled paper and natural materials, such as, for example industrial hemp, agricultural waste or similar natural fibers, and can be easily fully recovered, recycled or composted.

In contrast to that, as can be seen in the diagram, we have shown the path of plastic packaging and the impact it can have:

Current stages in the cycle of plastic packings

Stops towards the NATURELINE® “way of packing”


  • directly approach about the usage of recycled materials or fast-growing raw materials.
  • (for your customers) disposal free of charge, within the waste-paper circuit.
  • easy and, thus, worry-free import-export regarding all countries which have banned the use of plastics; readiness for the future, as other countries may well implement these measures.
  • no taxes or additional fees need to be paid relating to the packaging used, also for the future­ issue “Taxes on the usage of plastic materials”.
  • Marketing advantages for your product and company at the point of sustainability which is an essential topic now and in the future; usable on the product itself (on our part), or on your webpage.
  • Your active participation in relation to the top topic of “sustainability and environmental protection” will ensure you establish a strong connection with both already existing and new customers. That is the way for your customers to become aware of your qualities as a reliable competitive supplier.


International packaging industry’s award

EXACT wins the “Special Award Environment”

At the POPAI D-A-CH Awards 2020 ceremony, an international jury of experts judged the nomination of EXACT and selected the company as a winner of the “Special Award Environment” for its NATURELINE® by Exact product line.

This kind of sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging for precision tools is intended significantly to reduce the number of plastic packing units over the next few years, and has been developed together with a renowned packaging producer.

Are you interested in a change, to packaging systems which are sustainable and environmentally friendly?
Do you need assistance in order to rethink and improve your company’s practices?

Please contact us if you plan alternatives intended to be plastic-free!