The 32-piece set in a high-quality plastic case also includes two manuals.

Exact presents new starter kit “Metal”

In order to enable specialist dealers affected by Coronavirus-related sales declines to make a successful “restart”, Exact GmbH & Co. KG has developed a special starter kit for metalworking.

The basic idea of offering a new and, if possible, universally applicable range of tools for metalworking at an attractive price came from those responsible of the European manufacturer and developer of precision tools in view of the drop in sales at many dealers as a result of the Corona pandemic. Exact Managing Director Andreas Oemkes: “As a partner to the specialist trade, it is not only our task to consistently provide high-quality, high-performance products, but also to show our customers new opportunities for overcoming a difficult phase”.

Multifunctional range with added value

Andreas Oemkes: “We think that with our “Starter Kit Metal” we can provide important sales impulses and thus a good support for the restart”.

The special feature and the central sales argument of the 32-part starter kit “Metal” is that it not only contains the most important tools for the most common tasks in metalworking, but also contains the necessary know-how in the form of special manuals. And all this in a practical and high-quality plastic case at a very interesting price-performance ratio. Users who order the starter set from a specialist dealer or purchase it directly will receive seven HSS tapping drills and dies of the dimensions M3-M12, the matching core hole drills (Ø 2.5-10.2mm) as well as a thread gauge and corresponding die holders and dies for professional thread cutting. For drilling and countersinking, the range also includes six HSS countersinks 90° (Ø 6.3-20.5mm) and three HSS step drills (Ø 4-12/4-20/6-30mm).

The two compact manuals for the appropriate application areas of drilling & countersinking and thread cutting present helpful technical information, tips and application examples on the most important topics in metalworking. The set, which also has a high-quality visual effect, thus gives the term “starter” a double meaning. It is a practical introduction to the world of metalworking and a possible start for new sales activities in times of Corona.

Important sales impulses

“We think”, the managing director continues, “that with our “Starter Kit Metal” we can provide important sales impulses and thus a good support for the restart”. The “Metal Starter Kit” is particularly suitable for sales-boosting sales campaigns of the specialised trade due to its price-performance ratio and universal application possibilities. All the tools contained in the “Metal” starter kit come from Exact’s product range, which comprises a good 6,000 articles, and can also be ordered individually or in other individual combinations.



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