ADVANCEDLine® by Exact – The innovation with leading-edge design

The ADVANCEDLine® by Exact once again constitutes itself as a notable extension of our current product range of high-quality precision tools, now being newly developed and optimized for maximum performance.

The product range of our ADVANCEDLine® by Exact is based on such new technical improvements of well-established preexisting tools being considered to be almost revolutionary conceptions, which we have further extended using innovative in-house production technologies.

higher performance

greater productivity

less time-consuming

more cost-reduction

ADVANCEDLine® – The countersinks 

The ADVANCEDLine® by Exact countersinks now attain up to 50 per cent longer service lives and the countersinking process achieved is up to 25 per cent faster. These improved product qualities are regarded to the new harmonious cutting flute geometry, which the countersinks have been applied with. The rotation accuracy is now extremely high while notably reducing the effort needed to operate, which constitutes further reliable performance features and advantages of the tools.

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ADVANCEDLine® – Step drills

ADVANCEDLine® by Exact Step drills have four spiral flute taps, which virtually “revolutionise” the entire drilling process. Significantly reduced lateral forces and a much lower level of wear result from the optimized force distribution to four instead of two cutting faces. Thesespecial technical features provide a drilling performance which is significantly improved as well as a reduction of the time required by up to 30 per cent in comparison to standard products.

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Application video

Application video